Qualifications of Arbitrators: ASP's attorney arbitrators (over 400 throughout Oregon) are required to have a minimum of ten years in practice as an attorney. Some of ASP's arbitrators are retired judges. ASP has special panels of arbitrators who possess legal expertise for each substantive area of the law (such as real estate, construction, business, corporation).

Arbitrator Selection Process: ASP provides the parties with a list of proposed arbitrators and biographical data. ASP pre-screens the proposed arbitrators to ensure legal expertise in the subject area of the dispute. The list of proposed arbitrators contains six or more names, depending on the number of parties and whether a sole arbitrator or a panel of three arbitrators is required. Each party may strike two names and number the other names in order of preference. ASP makes the final selection from the unstricken names and (to the extent possible) in accordance with the preferences of the parties.

Avoidance of Conflicts of Interest: When each party returns to ASP its preferences/vetoes on its list of proposed arbitrators, the party also returns a Disclosures to Avoid Conflicts of Interest form that identifies (to the extent then known) the party's potential witnesses, its attorneys, and (if the party is a business entity) its owners and principals. The proposed arbitrator reviews these disclosures to ensure that the arbitrator will have no conflict of interest in acting as an arbitrator, and the arbitrator gives to each party a signed oath that affirms impartiality and that no conflicts of interest exist.

Sample list: To illustrate the high quality of ASP's arbitrators, a sampling is provided for your review. Click to Arbitrator Sample.


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