The following comments are from endorsement letters from Oregon attorneys familiar with Arbitration Service of Portland (ASP):

"In comparison with the other arbitration programs that I have encountered, ASP provides more experienced, better qualified and more highly respected arbitrators than the other providers of similar services in Oregon."
- Bend attorney Craig Edwards

"ASP administrator Jim Damis and staff without fail have been prompt, efficient and accountable. The rules are fair and practical. In all cases in which I have been involved, the ASP services have been economical and judicious."
- Bend attorney Donald Costello

"Based upon my experience with ASP, I highly recommend its selection as the service provider for alternative dispute resolution for the Oregon Association of Realtors. ASP is very capably administered, uses arbitrators which are well qualified, and provides excellent service at a reasonable cost to the parties and counsel. Of the several arbitration services which I am familiar with and have used in my career, ASP is the best and most efficient."
- Eugene attorney Malcolm Scott

"I have enjoyed the ease of filing claims and processing claims, the speed of obtaining information, and the professional, courteous and knowledgeable assistance from (ASP's) administrative staff."
- Gold Beach attorney Cathleen Herbage

"For those contracts that I write in which the parties want to resolve their disputes through arbitration, I most always recommend the Arbitration Service of Portland to be the service to administer such arbitration. They are the best."
- Grants Pass attorney Jack Davis

"This office has used the Arbitration Service of Portland, Inc. extensively to resolve disputes in relation to real estate transactions in Klamath and Lake counties. **** Arbitration Service of Portland, Inc. is the only viable arbitration service that is usable in this jurisdiction. Their system for selection of arbitrators and the arbitrators themselves are the best that can be provided in this jurisdiction."
- Klamath Falls attorney William Brandsness

"The procedures of ASP are simple and by far superior to those of other providers of arbitration services. ASP provides a quick, inexpensive, and final resolution of disputes of the nature that normally arise under real estate earnest money agreements."
- Monmouth attorney Scott McArthur

"I would strongly recommend ASP to anyone looking for arbitration services, particularly in eastern Oregon **** I have used several arbitration services as either a litigant or an arbitrator. ASP is the only one I am familiar with that easily facilitates arbitrations in remote locations and yet provides the administrative and procedural framework that you would get in larger venues."
- Pendleton attorney Gene Hallman

"Arbitration Service of Portland has enjoyed increasingly wide acceptance in Portland for many reasons. It offers an excellent panel of respected mediators/arbitrators, often with specialized experience. Its case administration is efficient **** It costs much less than the AAA. In sum, it provides high quality service efficiently and economically."
- Portland attorney (and former Oregon Supreme Court Judge) Jacob Tanzer

"I strongly support the services of Arbitration Service of Portland, Inc. I have found that ASP has supplied outstanding arbitrators both inside and outside of the Portland metropolitan area **** In addition to prompt and efficient service, ASP's fee structure usually results in substantial savings to the parties."
- Portland attorney Frank Hilton

"ASP's program is the best arbitration service available. It is extremely successful because it is an efficient and inexpensive method of resolving disputes, its rules are clear and simple, and its panel of arbitrators include the best real property attorneys in the Portland area."
- Portland attorney Christine Kosydar

"I am pleased to recommend, very highly, Arbitration Service of Portland, Inc. (ASP) in connection with arbitration and/or mediation services. **** The panel of arbitrators and mediators are all highly qualified and experienced in the fields to which they are assigned. By any standards, they are uniformly deemed by the profession and by the public to be highly skilled, intelligent, fair and professional. The panels include arbitrators and mediators from all over the state and in almost every field.

Another favorable aspect of ASP is that its rules are much more complete than those of most other arbitration services and provide the basis for dealing with almost any issue which can arise in the context of an arbitration or mediation. **** I can give ASP my most unqualified and highest recommendation. Jim Damis, ASP's administrator, is also very efficient and in my experience, has always been able to handle in a very expeditious and skillful manner any procedural issue or administrative issue which may arise."
- Portland attorney Milt Lankton

"What I have witnessed in terms of solid, intelligent and well-qualified arbitrators has been without parallel. ASP's service is efficient, inexpensive and provides concrete results. There is no comparison between the Arbitration Service of Portland and other providers, particularly AAA. Other services tend to be more cumbersome, more expensive and less efficient."
- Portland attorney Ryan Lawrence

"I have found the Arbitration Service of Portland, Inc. to provide a very efficient, high quality and consistent service for dispute resolution. One of the particular strengths of ASP is that the arbitrators available are consistently very knowledgeable and experienced. I have found that the comprehensive rules developed by ASP are clear, understandable and sensible. **** I have particularly appreciated access to prompt, knowledgeable and direct answers to the occasional procedural questions that have arisen. ASP enjoys a high reputation within the legal community for efficiency and high quality services."
- Salem attorney James Brown

"(ASP's) administrative support has been excellent; it is seamless. (ASP's) rules are efficient and very workable. The process moves through quickly and without trouble."
- Salem attorney Kathleen Evans

"I have found ASP to be extremely efficient in its administration, prompt in its response to difficulties which arise, and fair in its administration of procedural rules. In my opinion, ASP's most important asset is the quality of the arbitrators it assigns to cases.

The other aspect of dealing with ASP that I find to be most significant is the administrator. Whenever problems arise, I know Jim Damis will make a prompt and fair decision and one which facilitates the administration of justice in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Jim's experience in private practice serves him well in this capacity."
- Salem attorney David Hilgemann

"Arbitration Service of Portland, Inc. is head and shoulders above any other form of arbitration available to Oregon attorneys and their clients."
- Salem attorney Ralph Schlegel

"I have the utmost regard for ASP, its procedures, and its attempts to make the entire process of resolving disputes as economical and efficient as possible. ASP's procedures, for example, are far more commonsensical, easy to work with, and economical than those utilized by other such services. The arbitration panels utilized by ASP are stocked only with the finest lawyers. Within the Marion and Polk County bars, ASP has an excellent reputation among the lawyers."
- Salem attorney Ray Shaw